Hibrid mode

Hybrid Mode
Hybrid mode offers you flexibility in accessing outside lines from your telephone. As in Key mode, individual lines can be assigned to system extensions. Additionally, multiple outside lines can be grouped together in pools. The system can have up to four pools, including a main pool and three auxiliary pools. Each pool is identified by a pool access code—880, 881, 882, and 883 respectively.
Pools are represented on system telephones by pool buttons. Unlike line buttons, pool buttons give you access to multiple lines from a single button. Each auxiliary pool is associated with only one pool button. Since the main pool typically contains most of your company’s outside lines, it is associated with two pool buttons. This setup allows you to place a call by using one of the main pool buttons, place that call on hold, and make another call by using the second main pool button. Or you can establish a conference call by using lines in the main pool. The main pool and each auxiliary pool can be assigned to an extension, for a maximum of five pool buttons per extension.
System telephone users can press any of the available pool buttons on their telephones, or they can enter the pool access code at intercom dial tone to make an outside call. (Single-line telephone users must dial 9 or enter the pool access code at intercom dial tone to access a pool since their telephones do not have pool buttons.) After you press a pool button or enter a pool access code, the system selects a free line from the pool for you to make the call. You can access a pool as long as there is at least one available line in the pool.
Hybrid mode allows users who have system telephones with fewer buttons to have access to multiple outside lines and various types of pools. You can make efficient use of outside lines by grouping those of a similar type or function together. For example, you can create an auxiliary pool of WATS or international lines and assign the pools to different groups of users. Additionally, individual lines can be assigned to a manager’s extension so that he or she always has access to an outside line.