Digital Call Screening and

Digital Call Screening and Messaging System with 12 Minutes of Flash Memory
The AR-1 Automated Receptionist is a digital call screen- ing and messaging system designed to answer calls with an informative greeting then, let callers ring through to talk to someone live, select from other prerecorded messages or hang up.
Programming functions and message recording are ac- cessed locally or remotely using a standard Touch Tone phone. Recordings from tape, CD, PC, etc. can also be locally loaded via the AR-1’s 3.5mm analog audio input. Twelve (12) minutes of total record time and up to 8 dif- ferent messages can be recorded into the unit. The mes- sages consist of one Day greeting, one Night greeting, one Transfer message, four Menu messages and one Goodbye message.
The AR-1 has a call screening option which allows callers with the correct code to bypass the greeting message and ring through. The unit has a programmable Touch Tone Distinctive ring through option allowing callers to enter 0,7,8, or 9 to ring the phone port in 4 different Distinctive/Custom ring patterns. The unit has an optional automatic ring through mode allowing calls