Initial Configuration of the T1 Module 2
To configure and maintain a T1 module, you must use the PARTNER ACS R7.0 PC Administration software. You cannot program a T1 module via System Programming from extensions 10 or 11. For instructions on how to install and use PARTNER ACS R7.0 PC Administration, see the PARTNER® ACS R7.0 PC Administration Getting Started.
To set up a T1 module in a PARTNER system:
1. Start PARTNER ACS R7.0 PC Administration.
a. Perform one of the following steps:
— Click on the Start menu, and select Programs>PARTNER ACS R7.0 PC Administration>PC Administration. (This is the default location. If you chose to save your files to an alternate location during installation, your path will be different.)
— If you created a Start menu short-cut, click on the Start menu, and select PC
— If you created a desktop short-cut, double-click on the PC Administration icon on the desktop.
The New Translation Creation dialog box appears.