LAN Administrator

Your LAN Administrator will provide these parameters. These parameters can only be installed into the PARTNER or MERLIN Messaging system using the module’s RS-232 serial interface and a PC-based communication application, such as HyperTerminal. The HyperTerminal application is available on any PC running a Windows (95, 98, NT, 2000, or XP) operating system. The PC must have its serial port connected to the RS-232 labeled port on the front panel of the messaging system module. This will require a D8W cable (up to 25-feet), a 355AF adapter, and a male DB-25-to-female-DB-9 connector. For more information regarding this serial connection, see the section “Establishing a session” in the “Terminal Based Reporting, Diagnostics and Maintenance” section of the MERLIN Messaging Release 4.0 or PARTNER Messaging Release 7.0 Installation, Programming, and Trouble Shooting Guide Online contained on the Library CD.
The following steps describe how to install the assigned Static IP, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway addresses on the messaging system:
1. Connect the RS-232 cable from a PC to the RS-232 serial port on the messaging module.