CIX40 system is available on two hardware versions

CIX40 System Cabinet Versions
The CIX40 system is available on two hardware versions. The Release 1 cabinet is labeled CHSU40A. The Release 2 is labeled CHSU40A2. The system label is on the outside of the CIX40 cabinet on the right side. Throughout this manual R1 HW refers to the earlier CHSU40A systems and R2 HW refers to the later CHSU40A2 systems.
CIX40 Release 2 Cabinet System Capacities
The GCTU2 processor (also used in the CIX40 R1 cabinets) comes with a built-in maintenance modem (AMDS), one Music on Hold (MOH) interface, one IP interface (NIC), one External Paging interface, one relay contact, and one Secure Digital card slot.
The basic CIX40 R2 Hardware system is equipped with GCTU2 and GMAU3 supporting:
• Eight digital telephone ports
• Four CO line ports with Caller ID interface
• One standard single line (2500-set) telephone port.
The system can be expanded, using optional interface cards, to a total of up to 64 ports supporting the items shown i