Dial Plan

Dial Plan
Extension Numbering
IP Office Basic Edition - PARTNER Mode systems can be configured to use either a 2-digit or 3-digit numbering for user extensions.
· If 2-digit numbering is selected, the extensions are numbered 10 to 57. This numbering cannot be changed. In 2- digit mode only 48 extensions are supported.
· If 3-digit numbering is selected, the extensions are numbered from 100 upwards. This numbering can be changed in the range 100 to 579 using system web management. In 3-digit mode a maximum of 100 extensions are supported.
· In both cases, those extensions not matched by physical ports are automatically assigned as phantom extensions 61 .
· The system numbering mode can be changed through the phone based administration menus,
Special Dialed Numbers
The following can be dialed after selecting an Intercom or call appearance button.