Processor Module

Processor Module 1
The PARTNER ACS processor module provides the software intelligence that controls the system’s features. It has jacks for five outside lines, nine enhanced tip/ring extensions, a Music- On-Hold audio source, a grounding screw, a jack that supports an adjunct for two Contact Closures, and a jack for a call reporting (SMDR) device, such as a printer. You can connect a loudspeaker paging system to any line jack on the PARTNER system. (If your loudspeaker paging system requires a “dry contact relay,” you must connect the loudspeaker paging system to line jack
5.) The processor module also has two PC Card slots, a two-color red and green light-emitting diode (LED), and two AAA user-replaceable batteries. The module provides support for integrated Caller ID information on system display telephones. The system requires one processor module