Diagnostic interface

The SV8100 has a Diagnostic Interface Module (DIM) built into the CD-CP00-US (CPU) blade. The DIM can monitor the activity of the system under the control of commands entered by the engineer. The DIM is accessed via ia the Ethernet interface of the CD-CP00-US blade.
As well as monitoring the system, the DIM can also be used to change the operation of the system.
For this reason DO NOT enter the following commands, as they will cause a system restart:
R RESET R RESTART R SHUTDOWN R or any other command that looks like a reset request.
Some DIM commands give a real time output when the command is entered, others will give an output until you enter the command that turns it off. You can turn on multiple DIM outputs by entering relevant commands one after the other.
The SV8100 will continue to operate normally with the DIM is running.