Analog ports

Programming Third  Party VM, Analog Ports You can  connect the DX-80 system  to  a third-party voice mail system using spare analog  ports.  Doing so  occupies these ports and therefore reduces the  number  of system ports that  you can use for the telephones, FAX machines, modems, etc. Comdial recommends  using the  DX-80 DX-SO  voice  mail  system, because  it is a digital  integration and therefore does not occupy valuable analog port space of the DX-80  system.  For further details,  see Section 9.2,  Programming Optional Internal VM,  Digital. Using voice mail greatly enhances  the  use  of the  DX-80 system.  Features  accessible  when voice  mail is installed  vary  depending  upon  the  third-party  product connected.   Features  that the  DX-80 system accommodates include the following. •   Automated Attendant •   Extension unique voice  mailboxes •   Call  Forward to extension voice mailboxes •   Answering Machine Emulation •   UCD Queue  Announcements •   Menu Routing •   Voice Record •   Automatic Voice  Record •   Specific  CO  Line  Greetings on  Automated Attendant The following  conditions apply to analog voice  mail. •   Voice mail  feature  operation is limited  only by the ancillary voice mail  system. •   When voice mail ports are used  heavily (high call  traffic), the  system  updates message indications  notably slower than usual. •   When VM  messages are waiting, the  system flashes the auxiliary lamp green.