System Maintenance Maintaining

System Maintenance Maintaining the  Comdial DX-80 digital telephone system is a combination of customer database changes,  facilities and apparatus moves, adds  and  changes.  These requirements are accomplished by practicing the  techniques, illustrations  and step-by-step instructions listed in the previous sections of this manual. When properly installed,   the  Comdial DX-80  is relatively maintenance-free.   From time to time the digital  telephone instruments may  become  dirty or dusty  and require cleaning.   We  suggest the use  of  a clean,  dry cotton (or other  soft,  absorbent) cloth  to  wipe the instrument  clean.  The use  of  chemicals to clean the telephone  plastics  is NOT recommended  since  some  chemicals  can cause permanent  damage to the telephone finish.  If deep  soiling conditions exist, many specialized telephone cleaning solutions  will provide satisfactory results.    When trying  any cleaner for  the first time, apply  the cleaner  to a small  sample area on  the underside of the instrument.   If the expected  results  are  achieved, proceed with cleaning  the remainder of  the telephone.