Serial cable

Connecting a Serial Cable for SMDR SMDR (Station Message  Detail Recording)  can be output from  the DX-80  system  for use with serial printers of  collection in call accounting devices. Connection  of the SMDR  device to  the DX-80 is accomplished  through the  serial data port on  the CPM  labeled “SMDR.” Connection  to  serial printers may  require customization  of  the  serial cable used  to make the  connection. CPM“SMDR” serial port connector (straight- (Dedicated means that this AC outlet has no other equipment connected on this circuit breaker.  Whenever a  call accounting system  (third-party device) is deployed,  connection is often  no  more  complicated than  using  a straight-through, 9-pin, female  to  male,  serial  cable. (Use Radio Shack model 26117B for good  results.) Connection to the PC/call accounting system is  made via an  available 9-pin serial port connector that is designated as COM1 or COM2  in the PC configuration. Once the cable is linked between  the collection device and the DX-80 CPM-SMDR port, the collection device  must  be  programmed  for compatible  link protocol (baud rate). At default the SMDR  port baud rate is set  at 9600  bps.