Assigning a Password to the Extension

Assigning a Password  to the Extension All extensions of the DX-80 system have an  associated user password.   Passwords  are required to use  Phone  Lock,  Call  Forward  Remote, and Attendant features.   Note:   Extension passwords  can be changed  at  the extension  only by using  the Phone Lock  feature. Passwords can be  from four  to  eight characters  in length.   You  may  want to program the overall system password length before programming individual  extension  passwords.   See  Section 4.4,  Setting User Password  Lengths, Setting Passwords for System Directory  Numbers  101, 102,  and  108  for more details. Changes to  the length of the  user  password affect existing passwords—the system adds or  subtracts one default character  to  the end of  the  password.  That is,  if you extend the length  of  the password, the system increases all passwords by adding a 0 in the  right-most  position.   If you  reduce the  length of the password, the system truncates all passwords  by one  character in  the right-most position.