remote connection

Remote connection to  the  DX-80 system is possible via  modem.   The optional modem may be  purchased allowing remote administration of the  DX-80 system database  and maintenance operations.  The  default directory  number of  the  modem is  199.   Some  working  knowledge of  modem operation and connection is useful.  F10-RS232C This  function key is used to  setup  the PC  COM port.  To  successfully setup the PC COM  port you  must know  how the PC hardware is configured.   In this utility  you must select  the COM Port number (PCDBA supports COM 1 or 2 only) and the baud rate that  will be used for the connection.  At default PCDBA  is setup to  use COM Port  1  at 9600  bps.  (9600  bps matches the  default  baud rate set for  the  DX80 CPM – PC-DBA Port.) While using a modem connection, it  is  best to  set the  COM port baud  rate at 2400  bps since this is the speed of the  DX-80 optional modem; setting this speed can expedite the modem negotiation  process since compression  link choices will not  be attempted.