AVAYA Partner ACS. To program Automatic Line Selection for an extension:
1. Press f00ssc at extension 10 or 11.
2.Enter the number of the extension to be programmed for Automatic Line Selection.
3. Press **.
4.Press the line, pool, or i buttons in the desired order. The valid entries for Automatic Line Selection depend upon the type of extension:
■ Key Extension: Outside system lines, Left Intercom (the factory setting)
■ Pooled Extension: Pool 880 button 1, button 2, Left Intercom, Right Intercom (the factory setting), Pools 881-883, individual lines
For each button pressed, a display similar to the following appears:
Automatic Line Selection
5.To exit Automatic Line Selection, press **.
6. Press c and enter a new extension number, or exit programming mode.

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