Basic Call Handling IP Office.
IP Office generates the correct user tones for the geography. These tones are generated for all IP Office extension types, analog, digital and IP.
Supported tones are:
• Dial, both primary and secondary depending on geography
• Busy
• Unobtainable
• Re-order
• Conferencing tone depending on geography
Caller ID
• Display of the caller’s number on incoming calls, where supplied by the service provider.
• Sending of calling number on outgoing external calls.
• Confirmation and recognition of who is calling.
• Storage of Caller ID numbers for return calls.
• Directory name matching to Caller ID numbers.
• Screen-Popping customer records in compatible applications.
Where supplied by the service provider, the IP Office can receive and use the callers Caller ID. The Caller ID is passed through to the answering phone or application and is included in any call log or history supported by the phone or application. If the Caller ID matches a number in the IP Office's Directory, the matching directory name is shown instead of the number.
Where IP Office Phone Manager, or the TAPI service is used to link to database software on the users PC, it is possible to have an automatic query performed on the supplied Caller ID and have the caller’s record in front of the user before the call is answered.
For outgoing calls the IP Office can insert a system wide Caller ID or set a flag to have Caller ID withheld. For users with a direct dial number routed to their extension, that direct dial number is also used as their Caller ID for outgoing calls. Alternatively short codes can be used to specify the Caller ID that should be sent with outgoing calls.
Note that the sending and receiving of Caller ID is subject to the service provider supporting that service. The service provider may also restrict which numbers can be used for outgoing Caller ID.
A call may be placed on hold with optional Hold music. A held call cannot be forgotten as it is presented back to the extension after a timeout set by the system's administrator.
See also Park . 128
Toggle Calls
Toggle Calls cycles round each call that the user has On Hold to their extension locally within the system, presenting them one at a time.
For AVAYA, NORSTAR, NEC, SAMSUNG, MITEL, PANASONIC, TOSHIBA telephone systems and voicemail call (866)206-2316 or email