NEC 1100 Transferring and holding calls is a fairly simple exercise, but different phone systems accomplish it in different ways. Some systems have dedicated buttons for each function while others use a single button to perform both functions. Basic telephones can also cause problems, as they don’t have the function keys that the main handsets do and rely instead on a single button that may be labeled differently.
Transferring Calls:
To transfer a call, simply press the function key you want to contact or press the TRANSFER key followed by the extension number of the party to contact. When the other extension answers you can tell them who is calling then simply hang-up to transfer the call.
On a basic telephones and cordless telephones the TRANSFER key is often called the RECALL or R key. The method for transferring calls is identical other than this i.e. R then extension number.
To retrieve the call back to your station, press the flashing green line or Park key (dependent on system programming). On a basic or cordless phone press the RECALL or R key again. Holding Calls:
On a Key handset there is a dedicated HOLD key. To place a call on hold, press this key. The caller will hear music, system service tone or nothing at all (dependent on system programming and hardware installed). To retrieve the call, press the flashing green line or Park key. On a basic or cordless telephones, a call is placed on HOLD by pressing the RECALL or R key once.
Pressing the RECALL or R key again retrieves.

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