Creating a New Module
In this exercise you learn how to use Voicemail Pro to add a basic auto-attendant. In the exercise you will create an auto- attendant that gives callers a choice from a menu to transfer to either the Sales, Support or Reception group.
a. Setting Up the Callflow
When completed the call flow will look similar to the example shown.

1.From Start > Programs > IP Office, open Voicemail Pro.
2. Right-click Modules and select Add.
3.In the Name field, type AutoAttend and click OK. The Start Point is placed in the Details pane. 4.A menu needs to be added to the Start Point. · Click the Start Point action to select it.
· Click the Basic Actions icon and select Menu. · Click the details pane to place the action. 5.The menu options 1, 2 and 3 need to be added.
· Right-click the Menu action and select Properties.
· In the Touch Tones tab, check 1, 2 and 3 and click OK. Touch tones must be unique as a 5 will take preference over 555.
6.The transfer locations of Sales, Support and Reception group need to be added.
· Click the Telephony Actions icon and select Transfer. · Click in the details pane to place the action.
· Open the Properties for the Transfer action by double-clicking on the Transfer action. · In the General tab change the Token Name to Transfer Sales. · Select the Specific tab. Type the destination as Sales (or 301). · Select OK.
7.Repeat step 6 to create a transfer action for Support (302) and Reception (300). 8.The actions need to be connected.
· Click the Connection icon on the toolbar and connect the Start point.

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