NEC UX5000 barge in
Barge In permits an extension user to break into another extension user’s established call, including Conference calls. This sets up a Conference-type conversation between the intruding extension and the parties on the initial call. With Barge In, an extension user can get a message through to a busy co-worker right away. If allowed in an extension’s Class of Service, multiple users can barge into the same call (up to 32 callers maximum).
There are two Barge In modes: Monitor Mode (Silent Monitor) and Speech Mode. With Monitor Mode, the caller Barging In can listen to another user’s conversation but cannot participate. With Speech Mode, the caller Barging In can listen and join another user’s conversation.
Silent Monitor on Barge In to Conference
A system-wide option is available which can allow users barging into a conference call to perform a Silent Monitor. The Barge In feature must be programmed for the user, including Program 20-13-
10. This program is only available through terminal programming and it is recommended not to change this option unless requ

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