Electra Elite IPK Multiline Terminals Hands free

Full Duplex Handsfree
The HF-R Unit is an add-on device to the Electra Elite IPK Multiline Terminals that provides a full duplex speakerphone for small conference rooms. An external microphone is also provided that has a locking push-to-mute control button to turn the microphone off.
Terminal Type:
All Electra Elite IPK Multiline Terminals with an HF-R Unit installed
Required Software: R1500 or higher
Required Components: HF-R Unit
AC-R Unit (AC Adapter)
To use the HF-R using an Electra Elite IPK Multiline Terminal:
1.Press E , and make an internal or external call.
2.When muting is desired, press the Mute key on the external microphone. To cancel muting, press the Mute button again.