The right phone for every work situation
With the speed of business today, the importance of the desktop phone has never been greater. Today’s employee requires an accessible communication tool at any location in order to be as effi cient and productive as possible. But, many businesses and employees have not taken advantage of the enhanced capabilities offered by today’s next-generation phones. NEC’s UNIVERGE Desktop IP and Digital terminals and handsets are the answer.
With a wide range of customizable features and a modular design, this terminal can help meet the communications needs of any workplace.
Freedom of choice
UNIVERGE Terminals give you the freedom to tailor your platform and telephony applications to meet your business’s evolving needs. Whether your business is just getting started or is already rapidly growing, NEC provides the right solutions.
Personalized terminals to meet your specifi c requirements
NEC’s innovative terminal design delivers maximum deployment fl exibility. Modularity allows for multiple combinations to fi t any business niche or personalization requirement, from the front desk, to the conference room, to knowledge workers, to remote workers, to executives.
Easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces
NEC’s terminal interfaces are designed to improve the overall user experience. The NEC terminal interfaces are designed
to be intuitive, no extensive training is needed. Global icons indicate status at a glance including notifi cation of new voice or instant messages, missed calls, the telephone user’s current presence status, and the device’s current data protection mode.
Personal, system and corporate directories
Quick access to directories; each entry in the directory is searchable, and a call can be placed from the searched entry. Name display on incoming calls, if the Caller-ID matches the registered phone number with the entry in the directory.
Good reasons to choose UNIVERGE® terminals
• Modular construction - the interchangeable design provides easy and cost-effective upgrades, helping to future-proof this businesses investment
• Customizable design - choose from a range of add-on line key modules, faceplates, LCDs, keypads and even printable side panels
• Customizable function keys - can be adapted to the exact individual requirements of a business
• User-friendly interface - little or no staff training required