Warning tones

The system can broadcast warning tones to a trunk caller, warning the caller that he has been on the call too long. If he chooses, the caller can disregard the tones and continue talking. The outside caller does not hear the warning tones. Warning tones do not occur for Intercom calls and most incoming trunk calls. DISA trunks can also have warning tones. Warning tones are not available to analog Single Line Terminal (SLT) users.
W There are two types of warning tones: Alarm Tone 1 and Alarm Tone 2. Alarm Tone 1 is the first set of tones that occur after the user initially places a trunk call. Alarm Tone 2 broadcasts periodically after Alarm Tone 1 as a continued reminder. Each alarm tone consists of three short beeps.
If programmed, DISA calls are disconnected unless the continue code is entered by the user. With the Long Conversation Cutoff feature, incoming or outgoing central office calls can also be disconnected.
Warning Tone for DISA Callers
For DISA callers, with this feature enabled, the warning tone timer begins when an incoming DISA call places an outgoing call and either the inter-digit timer expires or the outgoing call is answered.
If an outside call is transferred to forwarded off-premise using an outside trunk, the warning tone timer