Voice Mail

A Subscriber Mailbox user can record a personalized greeting for their mailbox. With Multiple Greetings, the mailbox subscriber can record up to three separate greetings and make one of the three active. Callers to the user's mailbox hear the active greeting.
With Remote Greeting, an extension user can call into the Automated Atten- dant, access their mailbox, and remotely record their mailbox greeting. See Auto Attendant Direct to Voice Mail.
Voice Mail
Group (Shared) Mailbox An extension user can share a Group Mailbox with co-workers for receiving
and sending messages. Voice Mail
Guest Mailbox An outside party can have their own mailbox for receiving and sending
messages. Voice Mail
Hang Up An Automated Attendant option that immediately hangs up the outside call. Automated Attendant
Help See Getting Recorded Help. Voice Mail
Individual Trunk
Greetings See Multiple Company Greetings. Automated
InMail Upload Download
Audio Allows the user to upload/download audio messages for greetings, etc. Voice Mail
Instruction Menu The Instruction Menu is the announcement that plays to Automated Attendant callers. Normally, the Instruction Menu provides callers with the Automated Attendant dialing options.
Automated Attendant
Language Setting This feature allows the telephone display language and the InMail mailbox
language to be changed from the telephone. Voice Mail
Leaving a Message An extension user can leave a voice message in a co-worker's mailbox if that
extension is busy, unanswered, or in Do Not Disturb. Voice Mail
Leaving a Message at a
Busy/DND Extension See Leaving a Message. Voice Mail
Leave a Quick Message See Quick Message. Automated Attendant
Listening Options See Listening to Messages. Voice Mail
Listening to Messages While or after listening to a message, an extension user has many message
handling options from which to choose. Voice Mail
Live Monitor
Live Monitor lets Voice Mail screen calls, just like an answering machine at home. When activated, the extension's incoming calls route to the user's subscriber mailbox. The Live Monitor feature is supported for External and Internal calls. Once the mailbox answers, the user hears the caller's incoming message.
Voice Mail
Live Record Allows an extension user to record an active call as a message in their mailbox. InMail broadcasts a beep and a voice prompt to the caller as Live
Record begins. Voice Mail
Local Notification See Message Notification. Voice Mail
Log On to Voice Mail
An extension user can press a key to log on to access their InMail mailbox. With Remote Logon, an employee calling through the Automated Attendant can dial a single digit followed by their own mailbox number to remotely log on to their mailbox.
Voice Mail
Mailbox Announcement Message
The Mailbox Announcement Message is recorded by the System Adminis- trator, and plays to each subscriber when they log on to their mailbox. The message plays at each log on until it expires, is deleted, or made inactive by the System Administrator.
Mailbox Greeting See Greeting. Voice Mail Mailbox Logon See Log On to Voice Mail. Voice Mail
Mailbox Name A mailbox caller can hear the extension user's recorded name instead of their
mailbox number. Voice Mail
Mailbox Options Menu Sub-menu of a subscriber's Main Menu that provides access to the Auto Time
Stamp, Mailbox Security Code Delete, and Message Notification features. Voice Mail