Programming VoiceMail

Programming VoiceMail
You can program (customize) InMail by using the PCPro and WebPro programming applications. Limited programming can also be done from a System Administrator's mailbox.
See Programming Voice Mail for more information. Also see System Administrator Mailbox.
Quick Message Automated Attendant callers can dial a digit followed by an extension number to leave a message directly in a user's mailbox. See Quick Message for more information.
Automated Attendant
Record and Send a
Message A Subscriber Mailbox user can record and send a message to any other
Subscriber Mailbox. Voice Mail Recorded Help Prerecorded voice prompts guide the user through the InMail features. Voice Mail
Recording a
Conversation See Live Record. Voice Mail
Recording a Message See Record and Send a Message. Voice Mail
Recording Conversation
Beep See Live Record. Voice Mail
Recording Options See Record and Send a Message. Voice Mail Remote Log On See Log On to Voice Mail. Voice Mail Remote Greetings See Greeting. Voice Mail
Remote Message
Notification See Message Notification. Voice Mail
Remote Programming You can remotely program (customize) InMail by using the PCPro and WebPro programming applications.You can also do limited remote programming from
the System Administrator's mailbox. Maintenance
Return Call (with Caller
ID) See Make Call. Voice Mail
Rotary Dial Telephones See Automatic Routing for Rotary Dial Callers. Automated Attendant
Routing Mailbox Routing Mailboxes are used to route Automated Attendant calls. A Routing
Mailbox can be either an Announcement or Call Routing Mailbox. Automated
Screened Transfer
Similar to telephone system screened transfers when the transferring party controls the transfer. After an Automated Attendant caller dials an extension, InMail calls (screens) the destination extension to see if the transfer can go through.
• If the destination is busy or in DND, the Automated Attendant does not extend the call and immediately provides the caller with additional options.
• If the destination is available, the Automated Attendant rings it. If the destina- tion answers, the call goes through. If the destination does not answer in a programmed time, the Automated Attendant does not extend the call and provides the caller with additional options. Also see Unscreened Transfer.
Automated Attendant
Security Code An extension user's mailbox can have a security code to protect the mailbox from unauthorized access.
See Mailbox Security Code Delete. Voice Mail
Select Listen Mode See Message Listen Mode. Voice Mail Single Digit Dialing An Automated Attendant caller can press a single key to route to an extension,
route to another destination, or use an InMail feature. Automated
Attendant Subscriber Mailbox The mailbox type normally used for telephone system extensions. Voice Mail System Administrator The extension user that has InMail system administration abilities. Maintenance System Administrator
Mailbox A Subscriber Mailbox option that enables the system administration abilities.
Also see System Administrator. Voice Mail System Re-initialization Re-initializing InMail returns all programmed options to default value. Maintenance
Time and Date After listening to a message, an extension user can dial a code to hear what time the message was sent.
Also see Auto Time Stamp.