Communication Analyst

FUTURE RELEASE SL1100 Communication Analyst is an easy to use, graphically oriented software package that allows
you to monitor and analyze telephone calls, understand telephone usage, and cut costs. Incoming and outgoing calls are tracked accurately along with the date and time of the call. When the incoming telephone call must be tracked with name and/or telephone numbers, SL1100 Communication Analyst requires Caller ID service from the local telephone company.
SL1100 Communication Analyst increases productivity, facilitates billing, and helps detect toll fraud and telephone abuse. It also has powerful tabular (text) and graphic report generating ability. Reports include extension/line summaries, date, time, and department summaries, longest/most expensive calls, and most frequently called numbers. These reports can be used to analyze your telephone as a critical business communication tool, improve its business effectiveness, and reduce your telephone costs. A report can be generated showing calling patterns by volume or duration on a color-coded United States map. This can help Customer Support, Sales Order, or Telemarketing business become more focused, more productive, and more cost effective.
SL1100 Communication Analyst keeps track of:
•The date and time calls were made or received
•The duration of each call
•Which extension made or received the call
•The CID/ANI, DNIS of the caller
•The trunk or line numbers that handled the call
•Account codes and authorization codes used for the call
Highlights of SL1100 Communication Analyst:
•Network based.
•Call Alert. This module can generate alarms by email, pager screen, screen pop-up, or .wav file. when it detects user defined patterns in the call records.
•Automatic report and data archival scheduling, to include automatic emailing of reports to predetermined destinations.
•Real-time inbound/outbound call monitoring.
•Changes can now be made to the call record such as Account Code Entry, DNIS, and comments field.
•Call costing and user configurable rate plans.
•Time billing.
Included Reports:
•Date and time summaries
•Most frequently called numbers
•Department summaries
•Extension and line summaries
•Longest and most expens