Hold lets an extension user put a call in a temporary waiting state. The caller on Hold hears silence or Music on Hold, not conversation in the extension user’s work area. While the call waits on Hold, the extension user may process calls or use a system feature. Calls left on Hold too long recall the extension that placed them on Hold. There are four types of Hold:
•System Hold
An outside call a user places on Hold flashes the line key (if programmed) at all other Multiline
Terminals. Any Multiline Terminal user with the flashing line key can pick up the call.
H •Exclusive Hold
When a user places a call on Exclusive Hold, only that user can pick up the call from Hold. The trunk appears busy to all other Multiline Terminals that have a key for the trunk. Exclusive hold is important if a user does not want a co-worker picking up their call on Hold.
•Group Hold
If a user places a call on Group Hold, another user in the Department Group can dial a code to pick up the call. This lets members of a department easily pick up each other’s calls.
•Intercom Hold
A user can place an Intercom call on Hold. The Intercom call on Hold does not indicate at any other extension.
Hold Recall to Operator
Hold Recall to Operator enhances how the system handles calls that are left on hold too long. With Hold Recall to Operator:
•A trunk call recalls the extension that placed it on Hold after the Hold/Exclusive Hold Recall Time.
•The recalling trunk rings the extension that placed it on Hold for the Hold/Exclusive Hold Recall Callback Time.
•After the Hold/Exclusive Hold Recall Callback Time, the trunk call rings the operator.
Hold Recall to Operator applies to trunk calls placed on System Hold, Exclusive Hold and Group Hold. It does not apply to Intercom calls.
•The called extension must lift the handset or press Speaker key before the call can be placed on hold.
•Callers on Hold hear Music on Hold, if programmed.
•An extension can have function keys for System Hold and Exclusive Hold.
•Analog Single Line Terminals can only use Exclusive Hold and Group Hold.
•If station A calls station B, and station A puts station B on hold and then calls station C, station C cannot transfer the call.
•The Exclusive Hold Recall Timer is used when an internal call from a Single Line telephone or 3rd party SIP telephone is placed on Hold.