This section explains how to customize Trunk Ring ACD Groups for each Work Period. You will assign Incoming Trunk Ring Groups to ACD Groups for each daily Work Period. If a trunk within the incoming group is assigned to an ACD Group, incoming calls on that trunk directly ring the first available ACD agent. The system always knows the day of the week, so ACD can implement the schedules and periods you program automatically. Use the ACD Incoming Trunk Ring Group Assignment Worksheet (41-03-xx) on page 2-15 and the sample below when completing this step.
 There are 25 Ring Groups, eight Work Periods and 2 ACD Groups.
You can assign whether the night announcement is used for the ring group. The night announcement function is not available for ACD pilot number calls.
Set the Incoming Trunk Ring Group priority. Priority groups always have precedence over normal groups. For example, if a call from a priority group rings in when while a normal group call is already ringing, ACD services the priority call first. ACD services multiple priority calls on a first-come, first-served basis.
1.Select the Incoming Trunk Ring Group you want to program.
In the Incoming Trunk Ring Group field at the top of the worksheet, enter the number of the incoming group you are programming. To see which trunks you assigned to the ring group, refer to Determine Trunk Work Schedules on page 2-11. The sample worksheets on the next page are for Incoming Ring Groups 2 and 3.
2.Enter the Incoming Trunk Ring Group for each Work Period.
In the ACD column for each Work Period, enter the number of the ACD group (1~2) that will answer the Incoming Ring Group calls. Only one ACD Group can answer an Incoming Ring Group calls during any single Work Period. In the sample worksheet on the next page for Ring Group 2, for example, Incoming Trunk Ring Group 1 rings into ACD Group 1 during Work Periods 1 and 3. It rings into ACD Group 2 during Work Period 2.
3.Set whether or not the Incoming Trunk Ring Group entered in the previous step should play the Night Announcement.
Select whether the Incoming Trunk Ring Group should have the Night Announcement enabled. Night Announcement used is selected from the VRS.
4.Set the priority of the Incoming Trunk Ring Group being defined.
Set the Incoming Trunk Ring Group for Priority or Normal operation. Priority Ring Groups have precedence over Normal Ring Groups. For example, if a normal trunk is already ringing an ACD group when a priority trunk rings in, the new call starts ringing and the normal trunk waits in queue behind it. Two priority trunks ringing at the same time will ring the ACD Group on a first-come, first-served basics