Directory Dialing

Directory Dialing
Directory Dialing allows an Automated Attendant caller to reach an extension by dialing the first few letters in the extension user's name. With Directory Dialing, the caller does not have to remember the extension number of the person they wish to reach - just their name. Here is how Directory Dialing works:
1. When the Automated Attendant answers, it sends the call to a Directory Dialing Mailbox. (Option- ally, the caller may be asked to dial a digit to access Directory Dialing.)
2. The Directory Dialing Mailbox plays the Directory Dialing Message (recorded by the System Ad- ministrator) which asks the caller to dial letters for the name of the person they wish to reach.
3. The caller dials the letters for the person's name plus #. They can dial by first name or last name, depending on how the Directory Dialing Message was recorded and the Directory Dialing Mailbox was set up.
4. InMail searches the list of programmed extension names for a match of the caller-entered letters.
5. Voice prompts announce the first three matches, and allow the caller to dial a digit (1 ~ 3) to reach one of the announced matches. Additionally, the caller can dial 4 to hear additional matches (if any).
6. The caller dials the digit for the extension they wish to reach, and InMail sends the call to that ex- tension. The call is sent as a Screened or Unscreened transfer, depending on programming.
For callers to use Directory Dialing, the system must have a name programmed for each extension (up to 12 characters, A ~ Z, using upper and lower case letters). Each extension should also have a name recorded in their Subscriber Mailbox. In addition, each extension used by Directory Dialing must be installed and must have their Subscriber Mailbox active.
The Directory Dialing Mailbox is a Routing Mailbox assigned as a Directory Dialing Mailbox.