Multiline Operation

Simplifying Multiline Operation with One-Touch Keys
A Multiline user can access many features through Service Codes (e.g., Service Code *0 answers a Message Waiting from a co-worker). To streamline the operation of their phone, a Multiline user can store these codes under One-Touch Keys. This provides one-button operation for almost any feature. To find out more, read the One-Touch Calling and One-Touch Serial Operation features in your Features and Specifications Manual.
Programmable Keys
When reading an instruction using programmable keys, you will see a notation similar to (Program 15-07-01 or SC 751: 05). This means that the key requires function code 05, and you can program this code through Program 15-07-01 or by dialing Service Code 751. Service Code 752 is also used and requires a previously programmed “751” key to be undefined before the system will accept the 752 programming (if a key is programmed with a function using the 751 code, undefine the key using 751 + 000). Refer to the Programmable Function Keys feature in your Features and Specifications Manual if you need more information.
Using Handsfree
The manual assumes each extension has Automatic Handsfree. This lets a user just press a line key or the SPEAKER key to answer or place a call. For extensions without Automatic Handsfree, the user must:
 Lift the handset or press the SPEAKER key for Intercom dial tone
 Lift the handset or press the SPEAKER key, then press a line key for trunk dial tone
ACD Agents and Non-ACD Ring Groups
If an ACD agent is assigned to several different ring groups (Program 22-04-01), while they are logged into the ACD group, they will only receive calls from the ACD ring group. Calls from other ring groups will only ring the agent's extension while they are logged ou