CO/IP or intercom calls (except Hands-free Answerback), will be released automatically if the user does not complete dialing or, for intercom calls, the called party does not answer after a pre- determined time.
Operation System Auto Call Release of Intercom calls: If a station places an intercom call and the called station does not answer in the Intercom Call Release Time, the call is terminated and the calling user receives error tone.
Auto Call Release of CO/IP calls:
If a station seizes an idle CO/IP Line and does not dial within the CO/IP Call Automatic Release Time, the call is terminated and the user will receive error tone.
1. If the Automatic Call Release Timer is set to ‘0’, Auto Call Release is disabled.
2. When the handset is used to place a call, the user will receive error tone for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of Howler tone and the station is placed in a fault mode. If on-hook dialing is used, the station receives error tone for one (1) second and returns to idle automatically.