IP TRUNKING 4.13.1 H.323 v4 Service
When assigned to support H.323 protocol, VoIP channels provide protocol conversion between H.323 v4 and the iPECS protocol or SIP. This permits the VoIP channel to connect to external H.323 networks or terminals and to support H.323v4 supplementary services. In addition, H.323 VoIP channels can register with an external H.323 GateKeeper to support Gatekeeper call routing.
Supplementary services are supported employing H.450.1 ~ H.450.12 standards, which define the following supplementary services: H.450.1 H.450.2 H.450.3 H.450.4 H.450.5 H.450.6 H.450.7 H.450.8 H.450.9 H.450.10 H.450.11 H.450.12