Stations in the iPECS are assigned to an Intercom Tenancy Group, group 00 ~ 15. Stations in a group are allowed or denied the ability to place intercom calls to stations in other groups on a group-by-group basis.
Each Intercom Tenancy Group is assigned an Attendant station. All dial ‘0’ calls from a station in the group are routed to the assigned Attendant. In addition, the assigned Attendant can control the Day/Night Ring mode for stations in the group switching from Day to Night mode. Each group is assigned a separate Auto Ring Mode Table to change the Ring and COS mode automatically during the day and night service mode. In addition, DID calls to the system can be routed to a specified Intercom Tenancy group. By defining the group as the destination in the Flexible DID Conversion table calls will follow the Tenancy Group Auto Ring Mode table.
Operation System Operation of Intercom Tenancy Groups is automatic when programmed.
1. Intercom calls from a station to a denied access Intercom Tenancy Group will return error tone.
2. Intercom Tenancy does not affect the Station Numbering Plan in the system. All stations in the system must have different station numbers even if they are assigned to different Intercom Tenancy groups.
3. The Attendant of an ICM Tenancy Group can be any station in the system and it is not affected by ICM Tenancy Group access.
4. When the Attendant of an ICM Tenancy Group sets Day/Night/Weekend mode, it will affect only the assigned ICM Tenancy Group.
5. Calls to and from CO/IP Lines are not affect by ICM Tenancy however; calls can not be transferred between groups if access is not allowed between the groups.
6. Intercom Tenancy Group 00 is the default or unassigned group. Stations assigned to group 00 are unaffected by Intercom Tenancy and can place and receive calls with stations of all other groups.