IP Terminals

IP Terminals 5600 Series
The 5600 series provides the flexibility and future-proof technology of an IP telephony system. These terminals connect to the local area network (LAN).
5610 Terminal

Part Code: 700381965
• Message waiting indicator
G.711, G.729a/B Voice CODECs
• QoS Options of – UDP port selection,
• diffserv and 802.1p/B (VLAN)
• Protocol (SNMP)
Support for simple network management
• Downloadable firm ware for future
Microsoft Netmeeting compatible
• upgrades
• wall mount stand
Wall mountable with included desk/
• Drop, Hold, Redial, Mute, Volume up and
9 F i x e d fe a ture ke y s: Conference, Tr ans fe r,
down, Speaker, Voicemail
• headset jack
Two way speaker phone and built-in
• English, French, Italian, Spanish and
Multiple language support built-in:
• 168 x 80 greyscale display with a 5 line
8 personalised ring patterns
• display
• labels providing 12 logical DSS keys
6 physical DSS keys with 13-character soft
• address. Connects to IP Office via the LAN
DHCP client or statically configured IP
• Switched ports for connection of PC
Integrated full duplex 10/100 Base T Ethernet
• from appropriately programmed DSS keys,
IP Office interactive menus can be evoked
and these menus will utilise the 6 DSS keys and the ‘Exit’ fixed function key Auto-negotiation provided separately for
• each port
• • Phone has priority over PC port at all times
802.3 Flow Control
5621 Terminal Speed Dial, Call Log, Web Browser

Features as the 5610 plus:
• cavity for improved sound quality
Two way speaker phone with acoustic
• 24 Programmable Feature Keys Automatically labelled from the system
• (no paper labels)
• : Speaker, Mute, Hold,
6 fixed feature keys
Headset and volume Up/Down
• Large screen backlit 7 line display
• :
5 Fixed feature keys below the display
Conference, Transfer, Hold, Redial and Drop 4 Embedded applications
• :
SIP Terminals Support

• (WAP/WML), Options
• jack for use with the EU24, 24 button
Feature key module (FKM) interface
expansion module
• mount stand
7 position adjustable desk stand/wall
• Infrared (IrDA) port