Hotline gives a Multiline Terminal user one-button calling and Transfer to another extension (the Hotline partner). Hotline helps co-workers that work closely together. The Hotline partners can call or Transfer calls to each other just by pressing a single key.
The Hotline feature has two applications.
• Hotline (Hotline partner)
• Ringdown Extension, Internal/External (Refer to Ringdown Extension (Hotline), Internal/External on page 1-767.)
In addition, the Hotline key shows the status of the partner’s extension.
When the key is . . . The extension is . . . Note Off Idle On Busy or ringing Fast Flash DND - All calls (option 3) or Intercom calls (op- tion 2) Double Wink On ACD Agent logged onto the group (V1.5 Added) Wink Off ACD Agent logged off (V1.5 Added)
There are 84 hotlines available.
• An extension user cannot use Hotline to pick up a call ringing their partner’s extension.
• If a station is an ACD agent, the Hotline key blinks to indicate the ACD agent’s status. (V1.5 or higher)
• Hotline keys can be assigned to the DSS consoles.
• Hotline does not override Do Not Disturb.
• Hotline always follows the Handsfree Answerback/Forced Intercom Ringing mode set at the called extension. The Hotline caller can override the setting, if desired.
• External Hotline automatically dials a telephone number or Speed Dial - System/Group/Station number when the handset is lifted.
• If the partner’s extension is busy, Hotline does not automatically activate Off-Hook Signaling.
• A Hotline is a uniquely programmed function key.