Each CO/IP Line can be assigned a Ring-No-Answer Preset Forward destination. An incoming call on the CO/IP line will be routed to the defined ring destination. At expiration of the CO/IP Line Preset No Answer Forward timer, the call is forward to the defined Preset Forward destination, which is an index to the ICLID Ring Assignment Table.
The destination can be a station or station group including an adjunct Voice Mail. When the call is forwarded to an adjunct Voice Mail group, a predefined Voice Mail Id (VMID) will be sent to the VM system to identify the Mailbox to receive the call.
Operation System Operation of this feature is automatic.
1. CO/IP line Preset Forward is disabled for calls initially routed to a station group.
2. CO/IP line Preset Forward will override Call Forward No-Answer at a station.
3. CO/IP line Preset Forward is disabled if the Preset Forward Timer is set to 0.
4. The CO/IP line Preset Forward destination cannot be the VMIM/VSF group.