This feature allows an Alternate answer point while the Attendant station is in an unavailable mode. When in the unavailable mode, the next available Attendant in the Attendant group will receive Attendant calls and recalls.
To assign a flexible button to activate {ALT ATD} button
1. [PGM] + {FLEX} + “562” + [SAVE] To toggle Attendant Unavailable feature
1. Dial “562”, the Alternate Attendant code or press {ALT ATD}.
1. Alternate Attendant activates the DND feature at the Attendant station and affects all calls to the Attendant station.
2. A Flex button can be assigned to activate Alternate Attendant. The {ALT ATTENDANT} button LED indicates the status of the Alternate Attendant feature, On: Attendant unavailable.
3. A station, which is receiving calls forwarded from the System Attendant, cannot use the Alternate Attendant feature.
4. All except for one attendant can activate Alternate Attendant. When the last Attendant attempts to activate this feature, error tone is received.
5. An Attendant forwarded to an unavailable Attendant is also considered to be in the unavailable Attendant mode.
6. When there is a queued Attendant call, unavailable Attendant stations [HOLD] button will flash but no audible ring is provided and the station cannot retrieve the call. When an Attendant changes from unavailable to available status, any queued Attendant calls will be available to the Attendant.