The system clock automatically controls the Ring Mode. Ring assignments are applied based on the time of day and day of week. Four modes of ring (Ring Assignments) are provided, Day, Night ,Timed and Scenario.
The Attendant controls the system Ring Service mode changing from Auto Service Mode to Day, Night ,Timed or Scenario service mode. Based on the service mode selected, different ring assignments, COS and answering privileges are invoked for the system users.
System Attendant
To change Day/Timed/Night Ring Mode manually;
1. Press the [DND] button.
2. Dial 1~5. (1: Day mode, 2: Night mode, 3: Timed mode, 4: Auto Service mode, 5: Scenario mode)
3. If you set Scenario mode(5), you should set scenario group(MFIM100/300/600 : 01 ~16, MFIM1200: ~32).
4. Press the [HOLD/SAVE] button.
To set Day/Timed/Night Ring/Scenario Mode automatically (Auto Service Mode Control)
1. Press [PGM] button, [PGM] button LED flashes 60 ipm, [SPEAKER] LED lights steady.
2. Dial the Attendant Station Program code “#8” to toggle between manual and Auto Mode control.