Total Access 900e Series

Total Access 900e Series BBU (P/N 1175044L1/L2)
The BBU connects to the Total Access 900e Series through a 6-foot charge/discharge, 2-conductor wire with a keyed modular plug (included with the BBU). The 1175044L1 BBU is a low profile wallmount configuration. It can be rack mounted with the appropriate 19-inch (P/N 117547L1) or 23-inch
(P/N 1175048L1) rackmount adapter brackets. The 1175044L2 is an equivalent BBU with a hinged front access door.
Features of the BBU, P/N 1175044L1/L2, include the following:
• No-spill battery design
• Compact wallmount or rackmount box
• Double BBU rack mounting available
• 7 Ahr battery (up to 8 hours of backup, depending on load)
• Modular plug (provides quick and easy installation)
• All mounting hardware included