4.13.1 Music on Hold
The system can provide Music on Hold from either an internally synthesized source on the CCPU or from an external source. The external MOH can be a tuner, tape deck, CD player, etc.
In addition to a connector on the CCPU, the 2PGDAD modules also provide connections for external MOH sources. When using external music sources for external MOH, programming determines the MOH source for each trunk. Refer to Music on Hold in the Software Manual for more details.
4.13.2 Installing External Music on Hold
1. Connecting to the 2PGDAD Module:
Make sure the jumper in the 2PGDAD module for the channel is set correctly. (Refer to Figure 4-4 JUMPER SETTINGS on page 4-5).
2. If a line cord was not previously connected to the 2PGDAD, complete Steps 3-6. Otherwise, skip to Step
3. Install a modular jack for each 2PGDAD module. For each module, run one-pair 24 AWG station cable from the cross-connect block to a modular jack. Ground the unused pair.
4. Terminate the extension leads to GRN/RED of the modular jack. Terminate the unused leads to the jack.
5. Install bridging clips as required.
6. Plug a modular line cord from the mod jack to the CN1 connector on the 2PGDAD module.
7. Connect an RCA jack to the audio output(s) on the back of the 2PGDAD module.
8. The opposite end of this cable is connected to the external music source either directly or by connecting to the cross-connect block where the music source is connected.