IX-CPUP/HW Controller Card

The IX-CPUP/HW Controller Card contains a 32-bit processor that controls all ADIX APS system functions. When utilized, either an IX-CPU20/ MEM-M or IX-CPU20/ MEM-L CPU/Memory Module is also required. The IX-CPUP/HW Controller Card has connectors for the CPU/Memory Module and supplies 4 MB of RAM for back-up memory. In addition, the IX-CPUP/HW Controller Card performs highway controller functions, synchronizes digital trunk clock timing and system highway timing (IX-PLLU). The CPU/Memory Module contains the 68EC020/25 MHz Central Processing Unit (CPU), as well as 4 MB of Intel® flash memory for the ADIX operating system. These components replace the IX-CPU32-1, IX-CPU32M, and IX-CPU16M.