Copying telephone programming

Copying telephone programming
Copying is done by using COPY under Terminals&Sets. You can copy programming from one telephone to another telephone, to a range of telephones, or to all telephones.
1. At Terminals&Sets ˆ, press ≠.
2. Enter the internal number (DN) of the telephone from which you wish to copy programming.
3. Press COPY.
4. Select what programming will be copied:
• SYSTEM – the system administration programming (system data) of a telephone
• SYSTEM+USER – the system administration programming PLUS the programming for a particular telephone (user data)
See the tables starting on page 318 to see which settings will and will not be copied with system and user data.
5. Press ‘, then press CHANGE to select the telephone or telephones which will be programmed with the copied data: SINGLE, RANGE, ALL.
You can copy programming to telephones which are not yet hooked up to the system (unequipped).
6. Press ‘, then CHANGE to select which telephones will be programmed: Only equipped DNs, All set DNs. This is not necessary when copying to a single telephone.