Shared Call Appearance

Shared Call Appearance Programmable Function Keys (PFKs)
To access the Shared Call Appearance PFK:
1. Navigate to Phone System > Handsets. The handset information page displays.
2. Click View configuration. Go to the Handset Preference Groups section, and select a Handset Preference Group.
3. Select the Shared Call Appearance type in the drop-down list. 0.
When assigning a Shared Call Appearance PFK to a handset, the system assigns consecutive PFKs, one for each Shared Call Appearance line. If there are not enough consecutive PFKs available, the PFK assignment fails and an error message displays. If the Shared Call Appearance PFK assignment would overwrite existing PFKs, the system displays an error message and enables the Allworx Server Administrator to cancel the operation.
After the system allocates consecutive PFKs for all the lines in the Shared Appearance, the Allworx Server Administrator canmove the lines to other PFKs, limited only by the constraints within the particular handset m