Power supply removal

Power Supply Removal and Replacement
3. Unplug the FG2 plug from the Expansion KSU ground wire.
4. Unplug the DC cable from the DC OUT connector (P16).
5. Remove the FG screw from left side of power supply to free FG wire/terminal and building ground wire.
6. Unplug the AC power cord from PN2.
7. Remove the seven screws that attach the power supply to the Base KSU. Remove the power supply.
Power Supply Replacement
1. Set the power supply in its proper place in the Base KSU (see Figure 3-14).
2. Secure the power supply to the Base KSU with the seven screws.
3. Connect the FG1 wire from the TCOU or TDDU to the FG1 screw on the power supply.
4. Plug the DC cable into the DC OUT connector. The green/yellow wire is on right-hand side.
5. Fasten FG green wire ring terminal and building ground wire to the left side of the power supply with the FG screw.
6. Plug the Expansion KSU green/yellow ground wire into FG2.