General troubleshooting

General troubleshooting procedure1.Diagnose the trouble by determining:•the types of problems users have experienced•the frequency of the problems•how many telephones are affected2.Check how a feature is being used. A problem may have been reported because of a misunderstanding about how a feature works. Confirm that the person who reported a problem understands the intended use and operation of any feature in question.3.Check for programming errors. Check that the programming recorded in the Programming Record is correct for the intended operation of the system, and verify that the programming has been correctly entered.4.Run a Station set test (≤°‚fi). Instructions are included in the Modular ICS 7.0 System Coordinator Guide.5.Check the wiring and hardware connections.6.If the problem persists, run a Maintenance session as described in Beginning a Maintenance session on page 528.7.If hardware is defective, replace it. 8.If the trouble requires expert advice, follow your company procedure for obtaining assistance.