D channel (Data channel)

D channel (Data channel): An ISDN standard transmission channel which is packet-switched, and is used for call setup, signalling and data transmission.
Data channel: See D channel.
Data Communications Interface (DCI): A Norstar device that allows you to attach an RS-232 data device to the Norstar system.
data terminal: A device, such as a modem, that can be used to transfer data instead of sound over a telephone network. You cannot use Norstar programming to set up such devices. See the documentation that accompanies the device.
date: See Show Time or Time and Date.
defaults: The settings for all Norstar features when the system is first installed. Settings are changed from their defaults in programming. In this manual, default settings are shown in bold text.
Delayed Ring Transfer (DRT) to prime: After a specified number of rings, this feature transfers an unanswered call on an external line, to the prime telephone associated with that line. This feature is activated under Feature settings in Sys prgrmmng.
destination code: A two- to 12-digit number that the system interprets and then translates into the digits that you want dialed out. Both the code and its associated dialed digits are assigned under Routing service in Services programming.
DID trunk: See Direct Inward Dial trunks.
DID Trunk Cartridge: The Trunk Cartridge that allows you to connect DID trunks to the Norstar system.
dialing restriction: See Restriction filter.
dialing modes: ≤•°¤
This feature allows you to set the dialing mode of your telephone. Norstar supports three dialing modes: Automatic Dial, Pre-Dial, and Standard Dial. All three modes support on-hook dialing, meaning you can dial a call without picking up the receiver. The special features of the Automatic and Pre-Dial modes are available only when you dial on-hook.
Digital Mobility phones 74XX: These telephones connect to the system through station modules connected to a Nortel Networks Digital Mobility controller.
Digital Trunk Interface: The Trunk Cartridge connects digital T1 AND ISDN trunks to the Norstar system.
Direct-dial: A feature that allows you to dial a designated telephone in your Norstar system with a single digit, such as the main receptionist. As many as five direct dial sets can be established. Each telephone in the system is assigned to one direct-dial telephone. There is a single, system wide digit for calling the assigned direct-dial telephone of any telephone. Direct-dial telephones are established in System programming. Telephones are assigned to a direct-dial telephone under Capabilities in Terminals&Sets programming.
Direct-dial #: A digit used system- wide to call the Direct-dial telephone. The digit is assigned under Access codes in Sys prgrmmng.
Direct-dial number: The digit used to call the direct-dial telephone.