This feature allows a station user to request and have the system retry a busy or no answer external call until the call is connected or the feature is cancelled.
This feature is working on SLT also.
iPECS Phone
To activate ACNR while receiving busy, no answer
1. Press the [REDIAL] button.
2. Hang-up handset, or press [SPEAKER]. To cancel ACNR while idle
1. Press flashing [REDIAL] button. To cancel ACNR during an ACNR attempt
1. Lift the handset or press the [MUTE] or flashing [REDIAL] button.
SLT Phone
To activate ACNR while receiving busy, no answer
1. In SLT, outgoing call is established.
2. Outside destination is no answer or busy.
3. Press and release the hook-switch, the intercom dial tone should be heard.
4. SLT user press ACNR code.
5. While on waiting state, SLT user hears MOH.
1. The system initiates the ACNR process, starting the ACNR Pause Timer.
2. At expiration of the timer, the system activates the station’s speakerphone with the microphone in the mute mode.
3. The system attempts the previous call.
4. When the called party answers, the user may answer by lifting the handset or pressing the [MUTE] button to communicate with called party.