Speed dial

A user may program a telephone number directly to a Flex button without the need to assign the number to a Speed Dial bin. In this case, the telephone number is allocated to the highest numbered Station Speed Dial bin available.
iPECS Phone
To assign a telephone number to a Flex button;
1. Press the [PGM] button.
2 Press the desired Flex button.
3 Press the soft button below the “TEL NUM” display selection or, for iPECS 24D and 24DH phones, press the [ICM] button.
4 Press the CO/IP line button or dial the CO/IP line access code. 5 Dial the telephone number.
6 Press the [HOLD/SAVE] button.
7 Dial the name to be associated with the number (optional). 8 Press the [HOLD/SAVE] button. To place a call using the Flex button;
1. Lift the handset or press the [SPEAKER] button.
2. Press the assigned Flex button.
1. This feature is available to users of the iPECS 7016D, 7024D 7024LD, 8012D,
8024D or 8040L Phones only.
2. When a Flex button is assigned with a telephone number, the system will allocate the number to the highest available Station Speed Dial bin number. If no bin is available, the user will receive error tone when attempting to assign the telephone number.
3. The telephone number may include any of the special Speed Dial instructions ([MSG/CALLBK], [FLASH], display security, etc.).