Caller ID Name/Number

Caller ID Name/Number
The Caller ID Name/Number feature lets a station user with a display keyset program a flexible button to view the number and name on the LCD when receiving a Caller ID CO call.
If the feature is enabled, use flexible button [653], the LED is lit solid and the name/number is displayed. During the call, the user can press the flexible button to view the normal call information. The LCD displays the number of the caller on the top line the name on the bottom line.
To program a Caller ID Name/Number button:
1. Press [SPEED] + [SPEED].
2. Press the desired flexible button. A confirmation tone sounds.
3. Dial 653 (Caller ID Name/Number code).
DEFAULT … No button is assigned on telephones. SINGLE LINE TELEPHONE
The Caller ID Name/Number feature does not apply to SLTs.
» When enabled, this display overrides transfer call LCD messages, Call Pickup messages, and Answer messages. If the user wishes to view the Line Number/Call Timer and the standard call information, they can press the flexible button to toggle between the name/number and normal mode.
» A flexible button must be programmed for this feature to operate.