Call waiting

Call Waiting/Camp-On
With Call Waiting, an extension user may call a busy extension and wait in line (Camp-On) without hanging up. When the user Camps-On, the system signals the busy extension with two beeps indicating the waiting call. The call goes through when the busy extension becomes free. Call Waiting helps busy extension users know when they have additional waiting calls. It also lets callers wait in queue for a busy extension without being forgotten.
• If an extension user Camps-On and then hangs up, the system converts the Camp-On to a callback.
• Off-Hook Signaling gives an extension the ability to block a caller from dialing 750 to Camp-On and/or DID callers from automatically camping on.
• Function keys simplify Call Waiting/Camp-On operation.
• An extension user may be able to Transfer a call to a busy extension.
• Trunk Queuing lets an extension user camp-on to a trunk.
• Call Queuing must also be disabled to disable Call Waiting.