A station, which is ringing or receiving Off-hook muted ring, can press the [DND] button, to reject the call and terminate ringing. The station is placed in DND, ringing terminates and the call receives treatment based on the following precedence:
1. Previous or active Call Forward busy.
2. Preset Call Forward busy.
3. Station Call Coverage.
4. Direct Transfer to Voice Mailbox.
5. Return busy signal and disconnect.
When the station returns to the idle status, DND is cancelled and the [DND] LED is extinguished.
Operation iPECS Phone To activate One Time DND while ringing
1. Press the [DND] button, the [DND] LED lights, station goes to DND state.
System Deactivation
1. When the station returns to idle, DND is disabled and the [DND] LED extinguishes.
1. CO/IP recalls will override One Time DND.
2. The Attendant can override stations in One Time DND by using Camp-On or intrusion. The Attendant does not have One Time DND service.
3. One Time DND cancels existing Callback queues.