Each CO/IP path may be assigned for DISA service, which allows an incoming caller to gain access to the system resources and/or features. The iPECS will answer the outside call and provide the user intercom dial tone or route the call based on the VMIM/VSF Auto Attendant announcement settings where Caller Controlled Routing may be defined. The DISA caller may then access the desired resource using dial codes.
If an Authorization Code is required for DISA access, when the system answers an incoming DISA call, DND Warning tone is provided to indicate an Authorization Code must be entered.
Incoming call subject to DISA service
1. Recognize incoming call.
2. Answer call and connect caller to Intercom dial tone or AA announcement.
3. Process call based on received digits/programming.
DISA Caller
To access the system’s resources from an external party
1. Place call to DISA facility of the system.
2. At receipt of Intercom dial tone/AA announcement, dial as desired. If DND Warning tone is received, enter an Authorization Code, to receive Intercom dial tone.
1. Each CO/IP path is separately assigned for DISA operation during Day, Night and/or Timed system operation mode. DISA operation is active only when the system is in the assigned operating mode(s).
2. DISA callers can be routed to a VMIM/VSF Auto Attendant announcement in place of Intercom dial tone. The announcement can be associated with a CCR Table or assigned to disconnect after playback (“#”).
3. A DISA caller can be required to enter an Authorization Code to access the system’s external outgoing resources, facilities or features. If required, the caller is permitted to retry entry of a valid Authorization Code based on the DISA Retry count. Continued failure results in disconnect.
4. DISA callers are subject to COS dialing restrictions. If Authorization Codes are required and the code entered matches a Station Authorization Code, the station’s COS will apply. Otherwise, the assigned DISA COS will apply. In both cases, the CO/IP COS for the outgoing path will be active.
5. The system will disconnect an outgoing DISA call if the Unsupervised Conference timer expires or disconnect supervision is received. A disconnect warning tone is provided 15 seconds prior to disconnect.
6. If a DISA caller encounters a system All Lines Busy, busy tone is received for 5 seconds before ICM Dial tone is again presented and the DISA caller may try another call.